Wood chips

Woodchips are small to medium sized pieces of wood formed by cutting or chipping larger pieces of wood such as trees, branches, logging residues, stumps, roots, and wood waste.

It does not contain any impurities, such as the pieces of plywood or any other harmful substances. Basically, since the wood chips are being produced naturally without any carbon cycle, it works as the best tool that helps to deal with a greenhouse gas emissions. Differently than other basic materials that can be also used for getting the energy to be used for heating, this substance comes from forestry residues, which means that no additional trees were cut down in order to produce this specific material. To make it clear, wood chips are just a perfect alternative to all other fuel sources. First of all, while burning, they do not throw a toxic gas or fumes into the air, conversely they burn clean. Accordingly, since the air keeps fresh and clean, no danger to a human health can be caused as well as for the environment – nature and animals.

Since more and more people fight against the harmful gases released to nature...

that can also cause a danger to them or their children, they prefer only organic life. As, for example, instead of leaving the trash everywhere in the forest or just in the streets, they sort the trash in the garbage containers. Instead of driving with an old and a lot of smokes into the air releasing car, they choose an Eco car powered by electricity or even better - a bicycle. Coming back to the wood chips, they are a perfect choice for people, who want to live in a clean house and most importantly, who want to save the nature or at least do not make even more harm for it.

Furthermore, not only house owners can use this ecological method for house heating.

Many manufacturing factors, offices, apartment buildings, especially all over the Europe, are using these wood chips in order to provide heat on a greater extent. It is being done, not only because they want to keep a nature safe, but also, because the government of the European countries has made a strict rule to use wood pallets and wood chips in order to keep pollution and greenhouse gas emission less expanded.

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