Biofuelz isn’t an ordinary wood fuel supplier.

About us

Biofuelz isn’t an ordinary wood fuel supplier.

Already from 2005 we can be proud of ourselves, since we are suppliers of firewood, kindling sticks, wood briquettes and pellets. All clients and supermarkets that are looking for high-quality wood fuels for their needs always rely on our services respecting our reliability and accountability.

Firewood, kindling sticks, wood briquettes and pellets are products that provide our consumer homes with warmth, comfort and most importantly cosiness. Furthermore, wood fuels are also the number one product for our business clients, such as: supermarkets, gas stations and distributors. As we are not an ordinary firewood, kindling sticks, wood briquettes pellets or other wood fuel suppliers, we work as professional consultants for our consumers and business clients.

Best quality firewood

Client satisfaction is our main priority, so we provide only the best quality firewood. We can reliably supply our clients with any quantity of biofuel, whether you need only a few stacks of logs or a shipping container of briquettes or pellets. Contact us today for a quote. We're looking forward to working with You!

Kiln dried logs

Why choose kiln dried logs? The moisture content of seasoned (air dried) firewood is about 30%, while our kiln dried logs have the moisture content of ~20% or even less. This means that you will need significantly less wood to achieve better results!



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With this catalogue, together with our website - containing tools and more product information – we hope to help you in your work and making it easy to choose Biofuelz.

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