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Firewood in carton box


We offer firewood packed in carton box. That ideal product for supermarkets as well small groceries stores or restaurants.

Paper box makes product eco friendly itself. Paper may be burned starting up the fire.

Carton box prevents from rubish: small peaces of wood, bark, sawdust. Also, such packaging is easy to carry, store and transport. 


Our carton box dimensions: 15cm wide x 39cm lenght and 32,5cm high.

On everage we load 9-10 normal size logs to a box. If we put kiln dried up to 20% birch inside, the weight of the box is 7,5 - 8,0 kg. 


Firewood in carton box are easy to transport.

We load boxes on EUR pallets. We load 15 cartons with firewood in 1 layer. Up to 6 layers can be loaded on pallet, that makes 90 boxes on pallet. And we load from 33 to 38 pallets to trailer accordingly.